The Revolution by Amy Price

Long Live The Revolution!

words and photos by Amy Price

Losing Prince last year was a tragedy. Relying only on recordings to bring these songs to life would bury the sheer joy of hearing his songs performed live. So it's actually pretty wonderful that Prince's first hit-making band, The Revolution, decided to reform and hit the road, after a stunning and emotion-laden performance during SXSW at the Prince Tribute at Auditorium Shores.

Performing in Austin pays tribute to the deep roots that Prince had in our musical community. Grupo Fantasmo, Adrian Quesada and of course members of the Escovedo clan all worked with His Purpleness, and benefitted from the uber visibility along with the musical inspiration that Prince brought to his collaborations. So it was also natural that the Austin community at large were present at ACL-Live to celebrate the songs and the band whose Twitter handle - @StillABand - attests to the longevity of the music they made in the heady days of the 80's.

There was plenty of purple - from clothing to lipstick to hair, to the stage lighting and general ambience. Bassist Brown Mark and sizzling lead guitarist Wendy Melvoin (who rocked leather, glasses and comfy shoes without any f@#ks given) held down the front line, "Doctor" Matt Fink and Lisa Coleman tickled the keyboards and synths while Robert "Bobby Z" Rivkin laid down the rhythms.  A special guest added an electric presence to the songs, while the audience danced and sang along with every word. Tears and sniffles were as frequent as smiles and laughter, and though at times it felt like a wake, it also felt like rebirth:  that these songs, and this band, can still make that essential connection. The song goes on. Long live The Revolution.