Tame Impala by Randy Cremean

Tame Impala

words and photos by Randy Cremean

Austin finally received a lot of much needed rain, albeit all at once, which is more than a mere inconvenience if you happen to be throwing a music festival. Levitation's promoters handled the curve ball with aplomb, rearranging the stages and shuffling the schedule to keep things on track and away from the flooded river. Despite the vast field of deep and cloying mud, Levitation, the bands and their fans stayed true to the vibe that makes this one of the best festival experiences in America. You see far fewer cell phones held aloft during sets at Levitation. The people are there to bask in the reverb and swirling lights. They know there's no reliving these epic moments on a small 2D screen. You are either in the moment or far removed from it.

My cameras and I survived the rain and mud to capture images from Tame Impala, Spiritualized, DIIV, Mini Mansions, METZ, Lighting Bolt, Ringo Deathstarr, Hollow Trees, Mr. Elevator, and Hundred Visions.