As Lollapalooza enters its 13th iteration at Grant Park in Chicago, it continues to offer the broadest variety of popular music of any major festival in the United States. And, now, in its second year of being a four day event, Lollapalooza offers more music than any other festival.With a lineup curated for the playlist generation, there's something for everyone. Rising superstars? Chance the Rapper and Lorde. Indie darlings who've risen to arena rocker status? Arcade Fire and The xx. Legacy acts? Blink-182 and The Killers. Hip-hop heavyweights and fast-risers? Run the Jewels, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Migos and Rae Sremmurd. Dance music titans? DJ Snake and Justice. Muse? Yeah, they're back.

We'll highlight one artist each day for the next thirty days leading up to the festival. From headliners to small print hidden gems, we've got you covered.


Chance The Rapper
Sat. August 5th
Grant Park Stage
8:30 PM

 Chance The Rapper at Bonnaroo 2017 by Randy Cremean

It's always a big deal when an artist headlines a festival in their hometown. Chance, however, is no ordinary artist and his relationship to the city of Chicago is both unique and inspirational. A vocal supporter of the beleaguered Chicago public school system, Chano donated $1 million to the school district after a meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner failed to produce more government funding. Chance is also active in combatting gun violence and promotes the Brother's Keeper Challenge, an initiative of the United States Federal Government to promote intervention by civic leaders in the lives of young men of color to address their unique challenges and to promote racial justice.

We haven't even mentioned Chance's brand of rap that fuses gospel, hip-hop, jazz, soul, R&B, and rock with genius-level lyricisim. His stage production has caught up to his soaring popularity. Pyrotechnics and integrated video now accentuate his performance to produce a truly life-affirming experience. Expect some special guests (maybe fellow Chicagoans Kanye and J. Cole?). Expect the biggest crowd of the festival. Expect a love affair the likes of which Lollapalooza has never before witnessed.



Mondo Cozmo
Friday, August 4th
Pepsi Stage

Mondo Cozmo at Bonnaroo by Randy Cremean

Mondo Cozmo is the alias of American singer-songwriter Josh Ostrander. His brand of rock manages to be both anthemic and earnest; a fusion of Springsteen's Jersey Shore sound, the layered, orchestral compositions of Spiritualized, and the lyrical chops of Bob Dylan. We caught Mondo Cozmo at Bonnaroo and were blown away. He's the rare artist who can straddle the NPR and mainstream radio markets, which means he's going to be huge, and deservedly so.



White Reaper
Thurs. August 3
Grant Park stage


Bonnaroo2017 WhiteReaper 02  Bonnaroo2017 WhiteReaper 01 
 Bonnaroo2017 WhiteReaper 00  Bonnaroo2017 WhiteReaper 03

Their new album is titled, The World's Best American Band, and they just may be right. White Reaper has grown on their sophomore album. They've moved from a raw basement sound to a more polished, arena-worthy ethos reminiscent of rock's golden age. This quartet from Louisville have the swagger of hometown hero Muhammad Ali and the chops to back up their boasts. This should be one of the most fun sets at Lollapalooza 2017, so get to the Grant Park state early on Thursday and rock the fuck out.



Tove Lo
Sunday August 6
Grant Park stage

Tove Lo at Bonnaroo 2017 by Randy Cremean

Swedish pop has traditionally been bright and sugary sweet. Tove Lo (pronounced Too-veh-Lu) infuses her music with a darkness and frank sexuality that turns the genre on its ear. Though the tabloids love to talk about her onstage antics (like flashing her breasts), make no mistake, Tove Lo is a serious artist with substantial song-writing chops. She received a Grammy nomination for cowriting Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and has collaborated with Coldplay, Flume, Alesso, Nick Jonas, Adam Lambert, Years & Years, Seven Lions, Broods, Lucas Nord, Urban Cone, and Wiz Khalifa.


Thurs. August 3
Bud Light stage

Lorde at Bonnaroo 2017 by Randy Cremean

When Lorde burst upon the scene at age 16 with her debut album, Pure Heroine, she was a precocious outsider who sent the bubble-gum artifice of top 40 pop crumbling into the abyss from whence it came. She was an old soul speaking truth for a new generation. She won Grammy's, toured the world and sold more than two million albums globally. Where does a young girl go from there? Lorde went back to her home country of New Zealand to take a step back, to evaluate, to live a normal life while planning her next move.

With the help of Jack Antonoff as producer, that next move is her sophomore album, Melodrama. The songs are more expansive, more confident, and just as wonderfully intelligent as those on Pure Heroine. They represent a great artist coming into her own as an adult and it shows in her live perfromances. She blew us away at Bonnaroo this year.


Run The Jewels
Friday August 4
Grant Park stage

Run The Jewels at Fortress Fest 2017 by Randy Cremean

The dynamic duo of hip-hop are as talented as they are prolific. Run The Jewels have released three albums in four years, each a classic in its own right. They tour relentlessly and are woke as fuck; actively engaging in progressive causes via all forms of media. Their live shows are legendary. Nothing is left in the tank when they get done. It is a cathartic, uplifitng experience; something we all need more of in these dark times.