Darlingside by Amy Price

words & photos by Amy Price


It's a family thing.  Every year, familiar faces reconnect at the Old Settler's Music Festival to hear great music, camp under the stars, deal with the collective forces of nature, and get back in touch with the great universal vibe. It's a big ole reunion for the family that you made, not just what you were born to.  And, what a glorious family it is!  It doesn't matter what you do in the 'real world' - at Old Settler's you're a member of a rarified community of music enthusiasts who  appreciate performances by top-notch festival talent in a relaxed environment. The performing artists too are part of this community, mingling and joining with enthusiasts during the days and in the campgrounds well into the night in shared stories and songs. (read the entire review)

Without further ado, here's our photo gallery of Old Settler's Music Festival 2015.


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